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If inhaled, people may experience dizziness, and irritation of the nose, resulting in coughing. . 5 lbs aiA and the minimum use rate of dicamba is 0. Repeat treatment in February for improved wild garlic control.

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Dicamba cannot be used on Soft-Leaf buffalo lawns, as it will cause the lawn to die back and turn yellow. &174;.

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Pure dicamba is low in toxicity if breathed.

Tavium is the Syngenta dicamba herbicide premix that manages key broadleaf and grass weeds in dicamba-tolerant soybeans and cotton. 0 - 1. BASF Engenia 12. Kamba M controls certain broadleaf weeds in grass pastures,turf (except Buffalo grass) and non-crop areas as detailed in the product label.

Imazaquin can be used to control wild garlic. to 1 qt. Aug 26, 2021 Celsius WG is a 3-way combination herbicide with a healthy dose of Dicamba as its primary ingredient. G.

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(2,4-D dicamba) Nufarm. Though Dicamba is a notoriously volatile chemical known to cause damage to unintended plants through drift in hot weather, combining it with the two other products in Celsius WG makes it safe to use in lawns, even in the heat of summer. Good option for controlling mixed stands broadleaf weeds in lawns and pastures; Active Ingredients.

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For example, for Clarity to be applied at 16. Feb 16, 2023 In December 2021, EPA released a summary of dicamba-related incident reports from the 2021 growing season obtained from pesticide registrants, States, the general public, and non-governmental organizations. Apr 16, 2019 The answer for the dicamba-based herbicides listed above is NO. MCPATRICLOPYRDICAMBA (Cool Power) Label rates 0 0.